Truck Driver Creates The Ultimate Investor’s Dream

Truck Driver Creates The Ultimate Investor’s Dream

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This company just announced that it was paying out over $260 million to stakeholders…

Allowing regular Americans to collect a huge check.

Let me explain…

Back in 1956, a 19-year-old named Charles bought one truck.

And he hung out his shingle as a trucker.

Today, he runs a multi-billion-dollar trucking company with 7,400 trucks and 24,000 trailers – proving the American Dream lives on.

Shipping is a big business. And Charles’ company does over $2 billion in annual sales. While the company is based in the Midwest, it ships worldwide.

Last year, the company’s profits totaled nearly $170 million.

Charles has entered semi-retirement. And he collects a small $12,466 salary from his company.

Yet as a stakeholder, he owns 30% of the company.

That’s why Charles decided to do something unusual. He sent out checks totaling more than $260 million to the stakeholders in his company.

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Now, because of his personal stake in the company…

Charles collected $78.9 million!

That’s a huge cash windfall for the 82-year-old truckdriver. It’s plenty of cash to buy another vacation home… make a charitable donation… and setup his kids and grandkids for life.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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