Volatile Markets = Big Profit Potential. Here’s How

volatile markets

America is coming back online. In fact, the Walt Disney Co. just announced the reopening of Walt Disney World here in my home state of Florida.

It’s just another sign that tells me America’s Great Comeback 2020 is accelerating.

And as stocks continue to surge higher from here, savvy investors are earning rich gains of 304% … 593% … and even 648% in a matter of weeks!

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The first time I visited Disney World as a kid, I couldn’t wait to hop on all those E-ticket rides. Remember those old-fashioned ticket books?

But one of the E-ticket rides, Space Mountain, really tested my mettle. Having never ridden a roller coaster before in pitch darkness, it was the most thrilling experience in my life at that point.

Many years later I took my daughter Kelly, just 8 years old at that time, for her first ride on Space Mountain. The expression on her face when the ride “landed” was priceless, her eyes wide as saucers.

A thrilling experience I loved sharing father to daughter!

There have also been plenty of “thrilling” experiences during the stock market’s roller coaster ride over the past few months. The volatile markets have first plunged then surged higher.

If you’ve been actively investing though volatile markets, then you know exactly what I mean. Just take a look  . . .

volatile markets

The S&P 500 Index has swung either up or down more than 1% during 57 trading days so far this year.

That already beats the average annual number of such high-volatility market days, which is 53, going back more than 60 years.

And it’s only the end of May, with seven more (and likely volatile) months to go in 2020.

You’re not alone if you feel a case of whiplash from watching this up & down price action. But here’s the thing. In spite of the twists and turns of a volatile markets, a lot of money can be made quickly.

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Many investors can be paralyzed by volatile markets. But the reality is that if you simply turn that volatility to your advantage, you can stack the odds in your favor to earn big gains even in crazy markets.

Plenty of well-known blue-chip stocks have already soared higher:

Walt Disney Co. (DIS) shares have rebounded over 40% in the past two months even with its popular theme parks closed.

Tech giant Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) stock price climbed 36%.

Leading drug maker Pfizer (PFE) shares are up 33%.

Those are rock-solid gains for blue-chip stocks like these that typically wouldn’t rise this much in an entire year or more, let alone just eight weeks.

But I’ve been using a simple method to multiply profit opportunities even more, as America gets back to business again and stocks continue to rally, using what I call profit accelerator trades.

You’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to earn even bigger potential gains on blue chip-stocks, with less risk and without investing a lot of money.

Gains like 304% … 593% … and even 648% are within your reach in today’s volatile markets. But you need to know where to look and how to take full advantage of these profit accelerator trades.

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Yours in Profits,

Mike Burnick

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