Raising the Minimum Wage on Your Savings

How much yield would you need to collect from your savings to feel like you weren’t getting ripped off?

What if you could collect 6%+ yields from your savings every year instead of 1% (or less)?

And what if you could collect this bigger yield without taking on stock market or junk bond risk?

Simply put, there aren’t any yields approaching anything close to 6% inside of the traditional banking system.

But I recently found out about a unique alternative savings vehicle that offers investors the opportunity to earn 6–12% per year.

My colleague and fellow income aficionado Steve Mauzy of High Yield Wealth alerted me to this opportunity.

And while I’m typically not swayed by my colleagues when it comes to investing – this unique savings opportunity is the most interesting income secret I’ve found in years. 

Normally, I focus my research on collecting income by selling options. I still believe most investors can and should use simple options strategies like covered calls to increase their income…

But the secret Ian shared with me is even simpler. At a basic level, if we’re not collecting reasonable income from our cash savings, then it’s tough to really grow our wealth.

In other words, if we CAN slowly and safely grow our wealth with simple savings investments, we should.

Going to bed at night knowing that at the very least, your cash is generating a good rate of return gives you the peace of mind to avoid riskier investments. You don’t feel like you need to “get ahead” –because your cash is already doing that for you.

Think of your savings yield as the “minimum wage” you’ll accept for putting your money to work. Right now, the minimum wage paid by banks is a guaranteed money loser after taxes and inflation.

So depositing your money in a bank right now is like putting your money to work for 8 hours a day, only to see it come home a few pennies poorer.

And that’s why I was so excited when Steve came to me with a brilliant idea on how to beat the low yields offered by savings accounts, money-market accounts, bonds and the like.

 But what really caught my attention was when he showed me how to earn junk bond type yields with highly rated notes.

How could this be possible? And why is it not on the radar of most investors? Of course, I had my doubts…who wouldn’t?

To think that investors could earn a safe 6-12% yield with the comparable risk to a bonds paying a 1% yield sounds way too good to be true…but I can tell you firsthand, it’s not.

In fact, Steve’s idea was turned into a special report for subscribers of our High Yield Wealth investment advisory. The report goes over in detail the intricacies of how to collect income from this safe, high yield investment. It’s a report you definitely want to read. Just click here now for all the details.

This could be one of the single best investments for income investors over the next few years. 

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