Jon Lewis

I’ve been in the options publishing business for nearly 25 years, working with such firms as Schaeffer’s Investment Research and InvestorPlace Media. I started out on the editorial side – supporting traders, creating education content and developing training courses on options. Early on, my passion was training and creating education products dealing with stock and options trading. This was a time when options were not nearly as common (or understood) as they are today.

In the past 15 years, I’ve turned to the trading side, developing and directing several option trading services. This was borne of my editorial experience that gave me two important lessons. First, stock direction in the short term is random. Second, selling option premium is the only way to be consistently profitable. Those two convictions led to my trading methodology that is based on selling option premium, while being stock “agnostic.” The result has been several services that rely on selling option premium, usually in some form of spread.

My approach has always been – and will continue to be – using stocks that have optimal liquidity and volatility characteristics rather than where they are headed. Underlying this approach is a reliance on probabilities that work in my favor over time.

My work has appeared in Bloomberg Personal Finance, Active Trader,, On Investing, Trader’s Journal, Technically Speaking and Stocks, Futures & Options. I have also presented option training and strategy seminars at numerous Money Shows, along with presentations before private investment groups.

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