Coronavirus Crash: Recession vs. Depression

Ian Wyatt is the President of Wyatt Investment Research. He has been helping regular investors uncover hidden growth opportunities by beating the market and finding great investments at attractive prices. Ian has been actively investing in the stock market for the past 30 years. He’s also spent more than 20 years publishing his investment ideas online to help fellow investors benefit from his successes and failures.

Ian Wyatt is also the host of the Daily Profit Podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How the economic effects of Coronavirus on China can help determine the possible effects it will have in the US
  • The US economic and unemployment outlook for the 2nd quarter and for the rest of 2020
  • Ian Wyatt discusses how the reports coming in from businesses this April can give everyone better insight on the effects COVID-19
  • The impending debt crisis that’s about to unfold
  • Sectors that are more likely to go into bankruptcy
  • Why the Federal Reserve cannot save the economy
  • Comparing the current figures with those from the 2007-2009 recession and the Great Depression
  • Why gold is a safe haven for stocks and how the turmoil in oil prices reflects the economic slowdown
  • Ian discusses the slow bottoming of stocks movement of stocks which companies investors should keep in their portfolio
  • How small business can recover after the coronavirus outbreak
  • What will happen to the economy once the US government contains the situation
  • How to determine when stocks bottom
  • The 5 stocks to buy right now despite turbulent market 
  • Ian addresses the future of airline stocks and the stimulus package from Congress
  • Ian sets expectations about the downside and upside of stocks

In this episode…

No one is invincible to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems to have left no stone unturned with the way it has affected every aspect of people’s lives. And with the continuous increase in the number of reported cases in the US, it is prudent for investors to take a good look at the current economic situation of the country and to consider which options they should be taking to safeguard their savings and investments.

Ian Wyatt says that the outlook is pretty bleak for the US economy in general but just as it has rebounded with previous experiences with depressions and recessions, it will bounce back. When that will be and who will remain standing after this all comes to pass, no one really knows for sure. But Ian paints a picture of what people and businesses can do to make sure they stay afloat despite the current circumstance.

In this episode of The Daily Profit, Ian Wyatt shares a webinar he did with his group of paid subscribers where he discusses why the Federal Reserve cannot save the economy, the unemployment rate and economic outlook of the US for the second quarter and most likely for the rest of 2020, the 3 phases of knowing when stocks bottom, and the 5 stocks worth investing in right now. Stay tuned.

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