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Personal Wealth Advisor is an investment advisory that’s designed to help investors of all stripes grow their investment portfolio and protect their wealth.

“I’m thrilled to be launching Personal Wealth Advisor. After building Wyatt Investment Research for the past 12 years, we’re launching an investment newsletter advisory to serve every investor,” said Ian Wyatt, the company’s president and publisher.

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“Every investor is a victim of the high frequency trading scams that are eloquently described in Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys. Whether you’re invested in a 401(k), own the biggest mutual funds in the world, invest in stocks, or trade the market…you’re being ripped off. That’s because with nearly every investment you make, high frequency traders are front-running your orders.

The negative affects of high frequency trading are hard to see. These predatory traders are costing you a little bit with every single trade. The cost on any single transaction is tiny…but over hundreds of transactions over a period of decades, these costs add up. And these additional costs limit overall investment returns for every investor.”

Personal Wealth Advisor is aimed at helping investors achieve superior returns and teaching them how to protect their wealth. With predatory trading strategies — such as high frequency trading — dominating the news, it’s crucial to know how to protect your investments in today’s turbulent market. In fact, we are launching daily articles to educate investors on the dangers of high frequency trading and how to protect themselves in today’s investment environment. You can find these articles at the bottom of this page.

About Personal Wealth Advisor 

Using our proprietary Complete Portfolio approach, the advisory helps investors build a portfolio of diversified investments to maximize returns and limit losses.

The Complete Portfolio System: Personal Wealth Advisor brings together a team of five talented investment experts with distinct investment strategies. By creating a diverse portfolio of sectors, stocks, and strategies, The Complete Portfolio System aims to deliver superior returns.

Our unique team approach means you can better customize and build your portfolio using a single source of investment research. Rather than subscribing to four of five separate investment newsletter services, you can instead access our entire team of experts for the special Charter Membership price of just $49 per year. That means that you’ll spend less on investment research, and have more money to invest.

Every issue of Personal Wealth Advisor is packed with actionable investment ideas including growth stocks, small caps, value investments, dividend stocks, sector ETFs, and the top mutual funds. Members can expect a minimum of five new investment ideas in each and every issue!

Our three model portfolios are focused distinct investment strategies: 1) Total Return, 2) Growth Stocks, and 3) Investment Funds. The combination of these three portfolios – including dozens of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds – is to help individual investors create the best portfolio to meet their individual investment objectives.

With Personal Wealth Advisor and The Complete Portfolio System, investors now have a single source of reliable investment research, sound investment advice, wealth building tips, and actionable investment ideas.

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To learn more about high frequency trading and how you can protect your wealth, please see the articles below.

Personal Wealth Advisor Articles

This Man is The Face of High Frequency Trading by Ian Wyatt

Most people think of high-frequency trading as being nameless, faceless computers…silently skimming millions from average investors. Nothing could be further from the truth…

What Are Dark Pools? The Heart of High Frequency Trading by Ian Wyatt

While high frequency trading may be getting most of the attention, there is a far bigger problem plaguing the financial markets. I’m referring to “dark pools” that allow high frequency traders to pillage and plunder the investment world…

High Frequency Trading: How It Nearly Killed the Facebook IPO by Tyler Laundon

On May 18, 2012 one of the biggest initial public offerings in history was nearly destroyed by computers. You know the company well.

How a Book Crushed the Virtu Financial IPO by Chris Preston

It was going to be a stellar debut. The IPO roadshow was kicking off in just a few days. Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and J.P. Morgan were lined up to take the company public in a matter of weeks.

Are You Protected From Predatory Trading on Wall Street by Ian Wyatt

You probably don’t even realize it. But with every investment you make, you’re being scammed. It’s sad, scary and true. Every time you put more money into your 401k…buy a stock…or invest in a mutual fund or ETF…you’re paying a hidden extra fee.

How Brad Katsuyama Exposed a $20 Billion Scam

At just 33 years old, Brad Katsuyama was making $2 million a year leading a team of equities traders for Royal Bank of Canada’s New York branch. But after discovering widespread abuse on Wall Street, he walked away from his lucrative career and set out to overthrow the stock market.

How to Protect Your Wealth from Wall Street’s Sharks

Wall Street has always been about getting a “one-up” on you and me. The investment classic titled Where Are the Customer’s Yachts? sheds light on the rampant abuses on Wall Street more than one-hundred years ago.

How a $1.95 Trillion Fund Manager is Stopping High Frequency Trading

The debate over transparent markets has existed since the onset of computer-based exchanges.  Last month the conversation reared its ugly head again with the recent release of Michael Lewis’s book, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. And this time Wall Street plans to do something about it.

Is the Stock Market Rigged

The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission was on Capitol Hill last week to calm the outrage over a new financial scam.