Earn 3-25% Per Month with this Brand-New Options Portfolio

In this special event, I’m going to show you everything you need to use an options  strategy usually reserved for professional options traders.

You’ll also find out: 

  • The strategy most options professionals prefer to use for their own accounts
  • How to collect up-front income every time you trade
  • How to earn 3%-25% every month no matter what’s happening in the market
  • Three sample trades that show you step-by-step how this strategy works…

Trading for Income with the Dogs of the Dow

Description: In this free video discover how to earn extra income from the market’s highest yielding stocks: the Dogs of the Dow.

You’ll also find out:

  1. Why the Dogs almost always outperform the market.
  2. How to use a simple options strategy to increase income from these dividend stocks.
  3. One technique for decrease the cost of investing in the Dogs.
  4. A list of the stocks that are currently in the Dogs of the Dow.

Collect 13.1% Dividends Every 4 Weeks

Discover how to collect giant, one-day dividends from American companies as they return record amounts of cash to shareholders.  

In this free training event you’ll find out:

  1. Why we’re already seen a huge surge in dividend payouts so far this year.
  2. When we expect these companies to start issuing payouts.
  3. Exactly how to buy and sell these companies for the biggest possible gains.
  4. A list of 3 companies on our 2017 Dividend Watchlis