Big News: Dividend Deadline on Aug. 2

So, this is really BIG NEWS:
One little company just announced $2.50 in dividends PER SHARE.
It’s being paid out via dividend check on Aug. 15. And I want to give you details so you have a chance to collect the payout.
Click here right now for details.
Make your move BEFORE the NASDAQ deadline on Aug. 2 . . .
In your dividend check, you could collect $250 for every 100 shares . . . Or $2,500 for every 1,000 shares of stock.
Either YOU can collect this payout . . . Or someone else will claim that dividend check. It’s really YOUR CHOICE.
Add your name to the dividend check list (click here ASAP).

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Seriously, act now and you could collect a dividend check for $1,250 (and potentially MUCH MORE) on Aug. 15.
It’s super simple  ̶  and I’ll explain everything in 60 minutes.
Go here now to RSVP. Of course, it’s 100% free.
Have a great weekend!
Ian Wyatt

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