Gold and Silver Surge on Fed News: Gold Stocks Paying Dividends

Gold prices rose $45 an ounce today as investors flocked to the ultimate
store of value after Fed Chief Ben Bernanke renewed his attack on the U.S.
dollar with another round of quantitative easing.

Called QE2, the Fed will spend as much as $900 billion to buy U.S. Treasury
bonds as a way to keep the dollar weak and boost corporate profits.

Of course, savvy investors understand the threat to the U.S. dollar. And
they also understand that the Fed is inviting inflation, which will further
impair the value of the dollar.

In order to protect and grow the value of their wealth, investors are
piling back into gold.

Investor demand for high quality, authenticated gold has sent this stock’s
price up 103% this year. But with a trailing P/E of 7, another double is
likely in the near term. What’s more, this stock pays a 7.8% annual

For more on how you can earn 7.8% and potentially double your money as gold
prices continue to run, please

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