It’s Your Second Chance for Legal Weed Profits

Legal weed will be a $100 BILLION weed profits
That’s more than 10X larger than last year’s sales of $9.7 billion.
Now it’s your second chance to get rich. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal my plan for becoming a “pot stock millionaire.”
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Frankly, I’ve already made a ton of money investing in government-approved cannabis stocks.
Last April, I jumped into two of Canada’s top licensed producers. My shares of Aphria (OTC BB: APHQF) are currently up 101%. And my stake in Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON) has done even better – rising 258%.
A $5,000 investment in each of these stocks would now be worth $27,950!
But that’s really just the start of legal weed profits. Because I’ve also made quick profits, including . . .
57% profits in MedReleaf (OTC BB: MEDFF) in just three months.
You see, I got into that stock right before Aurora Cannabis (OTC BB: ACBFF) agreed to buy out the entire company for $2.5 billion – the largest-ever acquisition in this growth sector.
And my biggest cannabis winner is a company called The Green Organic Dutchman (TSE: TGOD).
Last October, I bought private shares of the company at C$1.65.
The stock went public in a billion-dollar initial public offering (IPO). And shares quickly shot up to nearly C$8.
My position is currently up 284% – even after a recent pullback.
Plus, I was given stock warrants that let me buy more stock at C$3. Those free bonus shares are now “in the money” – potentially handing me an additional profit of $2.75 for every warrant!
How would you like to make these types of profits in the next year?
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Now, I’m not sharing this to brag. On the contrary . . .
You see, I’ve already made a ton of money investing in legal cannabis stocks. And I was buying stocks months before the big runup in late 2017.
The past year has been an exciting – and profitable time – to be in cannabis stocks. But I’m even more excited about what’s next . . .
On Oct. 17 Canada will make cannabis 100% legal.
Deloitte says it could be an $8.7 billion market . . .
That represents an 89% increase from last year’s North American sales of $9.7 billion (including the U.S. and Canada).
The market is about to erupt – multiplying the sales and profits for dozens of top stocks.
You stand to make a fortune – but ONLY if you’re invested in the right stocks for legal weed profits (click here for my top picks).
Next week, I’m taking $100,000 in cash . . .
It’s money I’ve set aside for my kid’s college fund.
Instead of investing in mutual funds, ETFs or 529 College Savings Accounts . . .
I’m opening up a special brokerage account . . . and investing everything in cannabis stocks.
Just 10 stocks will make up my starting portfolio.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt
P.S. Selecting the right “pot stock” is tough. In fact, it’s the #1 reason that some folks are sitting on the sidelines.
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