March Madness Stock Picks: The Road to the Next Netflix

stock-picksThe NCAA March Madness basketball tournament kicked off last week. Sixty-eight teams are facing off as they march toward the championship on April 7.
Here at Wyatt Investment Research, we’re embracing March Madness, and creating our own tournament. But unlike the NCAA, this competition doesn’t have anything to do with sports.
Instead, we’re holding a tournament for the best stock picks called The Road to the Next Netflix.
As you may know, my readers and I have been making huge profits investing in Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). I first recommended Netflix in December 2011 when the stock was at $71. With Netflix shares now at $406, the stock has soared 471% since my recommendation.
That performance was enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $57,183.
I regularly hear from readers asking where they can find “the next Netflix.” The reason is understandable – big profits from stocks like Netflix can be life changing.
With that in mind, I decided to create our own March Madness bracket for stock picks in response to readers who are seeking big profits from America’s most promising growth stocks.
Today, Netflix is widely viewed as the most successful video streaming company. That notion was solidified after the company followed in the footsteps of HBO, and started producing hit shows like House of Cards.
But a couple years ago, the success of Netflix was uncertain. When I recommended Netflix, the company had some real problems. The now acclaimed CEO Reed Hastings had made a series of very public mistakes. As a result, the stock price had plunged 77% in just five months.
The company was so disliked that I titled my recommendation, Buying the World’s Stupidest Company.
In that recommendation, I pointed out that Netflix had made mistakes … but that the huge drop in the stock price was far overdone. With a market capitalization of just $4 billion, Netflix was a small company that could easily be bought by Amazon or Apple (today the company is worth $24 billion).
In Netflix, I saw more than a cheap stock. I saw a company that was largely misunderstood and on the cusp of rapid growth. The company’s streaming video business was just starting to really grow. And the fact that Netflix had recently beaten out HBO in a bidding war for House of Cards was a sure sign that the company was going to be the new force in original programming.
It was clear to me that Netflix was the cable TV network of the future. And by investing in the beaten down stock before that transformation became a reality would be extremely rewarding.
Today, I’m searching for the next Netflix: a company that is misunderstood, undervalued, and poised for rapid growth and big profits.
If you want to join me and invest in the next Netflix, you’ll want to stay tuned to the Daily Profit in the coming days.
Our “March Madness Stock Picks” contest is pretty straightforward: my analysts and I have selected 16 stocks, all of which we have placed into an NCAA Tournament-style bracket. We believe that each of these stocks has similar traits to Netflix. And all of them have the potential to deliver massive profits to investors over the next year.
Tomorrow, I’ll present our field of 16 contenders. Over the ensuing four days, we will then eliminate 12 of the stocks and explain exactly why the winners are moving forward to the championship.
Next Monday, April 1, I’ll present the Final Four. These will be the best of the best…the most promising growth stocks with real potential for big profits in 2014. Through Daily Profit, you’ll get the names and ticker symbols of all four stocks. Plus, I’ll explain why each of these stocks has the potential to become The Next Netflix.
While the stocks in our Final Four are winners, ultimately I’ll only be recommending one of them.
On April 1, I’ll reveal the winner of our March Madness tournament. I’ll be investing $10,000 of my personal savings in just one of these stocks. Plus, I’ll be adding the stock to my $100k Portfolio – a real-money investment newsletter advisory.
Throughout the week, I’ll tell you how to make sure that you receive my timely buy alert and detailed recommendation about The Next Netflix. So stay tuned in by reading Daily Profit every day.

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