191% Growth in Medical Marijuana

One booming medical marijuana market has been completely overlooked . . . Despite huge 191% growth in just seven months!medical marijuana
Plus, the state government says the program could grow another 300% or more!
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Maryland may be a small state. But it’s proven to have a robust rollout of a medical marijuana program in the last year.
In 2017 – after years of delays – Maryland began to allow the sale of medical marijuana.
First-year sales clocked in at $95.4 million.
The program grew 191% in just seven months – from 11,000 patients to over 50,000.
The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission reports that it is getting over 1,000 new applications per day. And the program’s executive director expects a total of 200,000 people will enroll.
That means the total medical marijuana market could be $300 million to $400 million!
Maryland’s first-year of cannabis sales were huge.
In fact, the state had more patients than Illinois, Massachusetts and New York after its first year of allowing medical marijuana. The following chart from Marijuana Business Daily shows the rapid growth of the market:
medical marijuana
Maryland launched its medical cannabis program with just 10 dispensaries.
Unlike other states, Maryland quickly licensed new dispensaries to serve the patients and meet demand. By the end of the year, there were 71 licensed dispensaries.
Meanwhile, another 1,000 medical providers have registered and are authorized to prescribe cannabis.
Maryland’s latest numbers shows the huge demand for legal cannabis. And the state’s market for recreational cannabis could exceed $1 billion.
Of course, we know that legalizing medical marijuana is a “gateway” to the recreational, adult-use market.
States always legalize cannabis for medical use before legalizing adult recreational use.
Therefore, we’d be looking for the state to consider an expansion of legalization within the next three to five years.
Today, 33 states allow medical marijuana. And 10 states have legalized the adult-use of cannabis.
At least nine additional states are considering 100% legalization in 2019. These include Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.
The rapid expansion of cannabis creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors.
The U.S. market alone is expected to reach $100 billion within 10 to 12 years. Meanwhile, the global market for legal cannabis could top $250 billion.
It’s the No. 1 growth market in the entire world.
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