Anniversary Celebration: The #1 Income Strategy

Over the weekend, Steve and I “sat down” in a virtual setting (he’s in Colorado, I’m on vacation at the coast in Maine).
It’s been one year since we launched this #1 dividend trading strategy (click here for details).
Most folks think boring old dividend stocks ONLY work for “buy-and-hold” strategies.
But we’ve uncovered a remarkable  ̶  and surprisingly simple   ̶  way to collect huge dividends every single month. Here’s the best part: this strategy doesn’t require options, leverage or margin.
In fact, it’s just as simple as buying shares of Exxon (NYSE: XOM) or General Electric (NYSE: GE). In today’s issue of Market Traders Academy, Steve Mauzy shares details of this dividend strategy.
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IAN: Most folks think of dividend stocks as a boring  ̶  yet proven  ̶  long-term strategy. I know you disagree. Why is what?
STEVE: Building wealth is boring? Then I’ll be boring every day of the week, because dividend investing builds wealth.
I understand what you imply, though. Dividend investing is viewed as a watching-the-grass-grow strategy to building wealth. That’s not always true. In fact, it can be much more than that.
We’ve found a way to build wealth by trading exceptionally large dividend payments to accelerate wealth building. You collect a large dividend  ̶  you collect high-yield income  ̶  and the share price recovers in short order.  You get immediate income and superior price appreciation in one investment.
IAN: When I think about “active trading” my mind usually goes to bitcoin, penny stocks and the FANG stocks . . .  exciting and volatile trading situations. With your strategy, you’re trading dividend stocks. What’s the opportunity?
STEVE: It’s something we discovered about exceptionally large and unanticipated dividend payments. They can be a powerful signaling mechanism. They can signal better days ahead.   We’ve found this is frequently true. An unexpectedly large dividend payment leads to immediate high-yield income. It also leads to exceptional share-price appreciation.
IAN: So, how much can someone earn from these special payouts?
STEVE: We’re talking dividend payments that yield 5% to 30% when they’re announced. We’re talking dividend payments from a swath of companies covering many industries: retailing, technology, media, restaurants, biotech, and more.  They come from everywhere, but you need to know the right dividend payments to buy.  We know the right dividend payments to buy.
IAN: Your strategy includes collecting these huge one-day dividends . . . plus, profiting from the movement in share price. How’s this dividend strategy  been performing?
STEVE: So far, so good. We’ve been in business over a year. We’ve closed 17 of our trades, and 14 have been closed at a significant profit. That’s an 82% winning ratio. We collect big income. We wait awhile, and then we realize additional return from the share price appreciating.  There’s no long-term commitment of capital. Our average trade is about 75 days.
IAN: The results are amazing. When they are THIS GOOD, we have to brag. It’s a disservice if we kept this a secret. So, who is the right type of investor who should consider this dividend strategy?
STEVE: This is right for the non-trader trader, if you understand what I mean. This is right for a conservative income investor who wants to go beyond the ordinary. This is a great fit for dividend-income investors who want to go beyond watching the grass grow to build wealth.  This is a way to accelerate the process: You get more income, you see your share appreciate faster. You build wealth, but only faster.
Thanks for your time Steve!
It’s been one year since we launched this huge dividend strategy, and the results have been beyond belief.
Last July was a HUGE month for these payouts. Steve uncovered two quick trades that delivered annualized gains of 79.6% and 111.6%!
Next month could deliver more huge payouts. Go here to access full details on Steve’s groundbreaking dividend trades.
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This is so timely and important, I’m taking time out of my family vacation to share this.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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