FBI Warning: Protect America’s 5G Wireless

U.S. law enforcement is issuing a warning: Prepare for attacks on 5G towers and telecommunications workers. The warning was issued by the Department of Homeland Security, National Counterterrorism Center… Read more

Apple’s New 5G Lineup Revealed

Apple is one of the most secretive companies. Yet new leaks from Silicon Valley show the company’s robust lineup of brand-new Apple 5G products. These new Apple 5G devices… Read more

Trump Rejects $3 Trillion Pelosi Stimulus Bill

$3 trillion! That’s the latest stimulus bill from House Democrats. Yet Trump is 100% certain to REJECT the stimulus bill plan. Why? Because the stimulus bill includes $0 for… Read more

2.8 Billion 5G Smartphones Coming Soon

One major telecom just released a new prediction: Some 2.8 billion smartphones with 5G are coming soon. The report reveals that the current cornavirus outbreak is accelerating demand for… Read more

Trump Warns UK on 5G Network Deal

The United Kingdom’s plans for a 5G network create a gaping hole for America’s national security. That’s why President Trump sent a warning to Prime Minister Boris Johnson: The… Read more

$44.9 Billion Sparks 5G Boom

$44.9 billion. That’s the estimated annual spending on 5G wireless networks by 2025. And it marks a 253% increase from $12.6 billion in spending this year. The 5G rollout… Read more

Leaked: Apple’s Cheap 5G iPhone Shocks Experts

Rumors are flying around Silicon Valley: Apple’s 5G iPhone Will Cost $649 Apple iPhones are notoriously expensive. Yet the company is now planning a low-cost 5G iPhone. And it’s… Read more

Amazon CEO Issues Warning

Stocks are down for the second consecutive day. Yesterday Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) reported quarterly earnings. Both companies reported a decent quarter – given the Covid-19… Read more

Apple CEO Reveals 2020 Plans

Shares of Apple are falling after the company reported quarterly results. Even the most valuable company isn’t immune to the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has hit the world’s most… Read more

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