Pot Stock Pre-IPO: How to Make 366% Profits

Last September, I got an email from an old friend in Toronto.pot stock pre-IPO
It was an invitation to participate in a pot stock pre-IPO.
Even though marijuana stocks were moving sideways – I jumped at the opportunity. Nine months later, I was sitting on a 366% profit!
Today, there’s a NEW pot stock pre-IPO. And I’d like to give you a shot at grabbing shares.
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Back in September 2017, I heard about a little-known company called The Green Organic Dutchman.
It is a Canadian cannabis company with a government license.
The company had raised C$40 million from investors . . . and had ambitious plans of producing 116,000 kg of cannabis per year.
Based upon those growth projections, it looked like The Green Organic Dutchman could be a top three producer of cannabis.
Unlike most Canadian cannabis companies, this firm had no plans of participating in the medical marijuana market. Instead, it had its sights focused on the recreational market.
The company was selling pre-IPO shares for the bargain price of C$1.65.
Plus, investors received 1/2 warrant for every share they bought, allowing them to purchase extra shares at C$3. Warrants are similar to stock options – they give the owner the right to purchase shares in the future at an agreed-upon price.
Frankly, I wish I’d invested more in the deal. That’s why I’m so excited about this new $0.55 pot stock pre-IPO (click here now).
Later, I discovered that Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF) invested C$55 million. Plus, the two companies entered into a strategic partnership agreement.
On May 2, The Green Organic Dutchman went public.
Shares began trading on Toronto Stock Exchange trading as “TGOD” at just under C$4.
That gave me a quick profit of 135%.
By early June, shares were approaching $8 – and my paper profits grew to 366%!
Pre-IPOs like TGOD are a unique situation.
Typically, I invest in just four or five of these transactions every year. That’s compared with approximately 50 stocks in my brokerage accounts.
There’s more risk, simply because these pre-IPOs are private (until the company goes public)…
But there’s also considerably more upside potential. That’s why I LOVE investing in a few of these deals every year.
Pre-IPOs are the total insider deal. These types of transactions are typically OFF LIMITS to regular investors.
In fact, hedge funds, billionaire investors and corporate execs typically pick up all the available shares.
That’s why I’m so excited to bring you a new cannabis pre-IPO.

It’s a downright bargain at just $0.55 per share.
Plus, investors get free bonus shares with 1-for-1 stock warrants. These are like stock options. But they don’t cost you a penny – unless it’s a profitable trade.
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