Answers to Your Snapchat IPO Questions

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Questions and Answers on Snapchat IPO

To prepare for today’s event, I’ve been soliciting your feedback and questions. To help get you ready for today’s webinar, I want to answer the most pressing and frequently asked questions.
What is the expected IPO price?
Snap’s last round of financing was at $16.33 per share. The company is expected to raise $3 billion at a pre-money valuation of $20 billion to $25 billion. With 1 billion shares outstanding, we’re expecting the IPO to price between $20 and $25 per share.
How do I get shares in the IPO? I’ve tried buying IPO’s in the past, and only “insiders” could buy it.
I hate to give you bad news . . . but getting allocated IPO shares is going to be extremely difficult.
Snap’s underwriters are Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse and Allen & Co. The ONLY way to get shares allocated in the IPO is if you have a brokerage account at one of those firms.
Underwriters typically allocate IPO shares to their biggest and best clients. That means endowments, pension plans and high-net-worth individuals will get all the IPO shares. Unless you are extremely wealthy and well connected, you don’t stand a chance of getting allocated Snap IPO shares.
This is exactly why investing in pre-IPO companies is so attractive.
When Will the Snapchat IPO take place?
Snapchat filed for its IPO on Feb. 2. It’s possible that Snapchat could launch the IPO within one month of filing its S-1 registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That means Snap could start trading on the NYSE in early March.
Our live event is designed to help you prepare for this big IPO   ̶  and a flood of upcoming IPOs in 2017.
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Logistically, HOW does one invest in prior to IPO?
Our proprietary research reveals HOW to buy top privately held companies before they IPO. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time or space to explain all the details inside this issue.
During today’s live webinar we’ll explain exactly how this works. You simply need to RSVP and join me live today at 4 p.m.
How much capital is required?
It’s easy to get started with a small investment of just $500 to $1,00. You’ll discover that buying pre-IPOs can be super simple . . . and we’ll show you exactly how to get started.
Unlike venture capital funds, which often required a $500k investment, this loophole overcomes this huge barrier.
Now   ̶  for the very first time   ̶   every investor can access Silicon Valley’s most promising growth companies.
When does this start?
It all begins today at 4 p.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. Pacific.
That’s when my webinar goes LIVE. This is NOT pre-recorded. And we won’t be doing a re-broadcast.
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