$805 Billion Market Goes Private

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Over the next decade, the space industry will grow 100% . . .
From $400 billion today to $805 billion by 2030, according to this report from UBS.
Here’s the best news – this industry is GOING PRIVATE. And that means a handful of tiny stocks are getting ready to takeoff – including my #1 stock for 2020.
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This overall space industry is expected to double.
At the same time, the United States government is slashing the NASA budget.
Instead, they’re turning to private companies to send people to and from the International Space Station, launch new satellites and destroy asteroids.
Here are some examples of NASA outsourcing space contracts:

  • In 2014, Boeing landed a $4.2 billion contract for a capsule that’ll transport astronauts to the International Space Station
  • In April, SpaceX got $69 million to crash a rocket into an asteroid that’s headed for earth
  • In September, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin got $10 million

Plus, SpaceX was awarded part of a $646 million U.S. Air Force contract. And the Department of Defense plans to issue another $10 billion of contracts in the next couple years.
This privatization of outer space is a once-in-a-lifetime situation.
That’s why the guys who founded Amazon, Google, Tesla Motors and Virgin Atlantic are jumping into this growth market.
Now, these big multi-billion-dollar companies aren’t investing directly in the space sector. Instead, these billionaire entrepreneurs are launching new companies.
Because they know the profits will be explosive. So, they’ve created separate companies to profit from the growth.

  • Facebook insider stakes $33 million on Virgin Galactic
  • Google invests $900 million in Space X
  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos invests +$3 billion in Blue Origin
  • Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has a $17.8 billion stake in Space X

Creating new companies lets these billionaires earn the biggest profits.
That may sound like bad news…
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