Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: May 5-11

Our in-depth coverage of high frequency trading continued this week.
We dug deep into many of the questions raised by Michael Lewis’ groundbreaking new book, “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.” Specifically, we examined how to protect yourself from predatory trading on Wall Street. We contemplated the secret to beating high-frequency trading. And we shined the spotlight on the real hero of “Flash Boys,” Brad Katsuyama.
We also continued to give away free copies of “Flash Boys” to our loyal readers. To get a copy of your own, click here.
In the meantime, here’s a sampling of what else was on our minds this week at Wyatt Investment Research.
Will You Miss the Biggest IPO of 2014? – The largest IPO since Facebook is set to debut. And if you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably never heard of this company.
How I Overcame this Common Fear to Capture High Yield Returns – In 25 years of investing, my most impressive returns have nearly always materialized when I trudged along alone. I’ve made many investments that I’m sure at the time left people sneering, or thinking me the fool.
Are You Protected from Predatory Trading on Wall Street? – You probably don’t even realize it. But with every investment you make, you’re being scammed.
Why Investors Are Tuning Out Fed Tapering – A year ago, the prospect of the Fed “tapering” QE3 sent Wall Street into a panic. Now that tapering has actually begun, investors are suddenly indifferent.
26 Stock Picks… and a Bestseller… Free For a limited time, we’re giving away 26 of our most promising stock picks to a select group of our readers. AND — you’ll also receive a free hardcover edition of Flash Boys — Michael Lewis’ bestseller about Wall Street’s $20 Billion-a-year computerized trading scam. To make sure you’re one of them — simply click here now before we run out.
Contrarian Hedge Fund Manager Says the Market Is Overvalued by 12% – One of America’s more noteworthy contrarian investors says the market is due for a major correction. Here’s why we should listen to him.
The Secret to Beating High-Frequency Traders – How can investors beat computers and the engineers designing the complex systems behind high-frequency trading? The answer is simple.
How Brad Katsuyama Exposed a $20 Billion Scam – Michael Lewis is getting most of the credit for exposing high-frequency trading in his best-selling book, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. But Brad Katsuyama is the man who blew the whistle on the $20 billion scam.
VIDEO: How to Profit from “Sell in May” – The “Sell in May, Go Away” period is officially underway. History tells us the next six months won’t be kind to investors. By trading options, however, you can use Sell in May volatility to your advantage. Here’s how.
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