Are There Warning Signs of a Stock Market Crash?

The end of 2019 was great for the stock market, showing gains of over 20%. This was a nice change from the end of 2018, which saw a sharp downturn. The market will always fluctuate, and this is a topic that will be relevant not only now, but for future listeners, as well.

So what will that future hold? There are political elections coming up (and turmoil). Will that be a factor that will affect the markets? No matter what your political affiliation is, the prospect of change can lead to a market correction. Host Ian Wyatt is ready to help answer these questions and more on this week’s episode.

Listen in as Ian is joined by Dr. Jeremy Weisz to discuss the upcoming market forecast. Ian talks about the signs of a crash, the effect of the upcoming election, and what investors can do going forward.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [2:16] Are there warning signs that the stock market will crash?
  • [4:35] The effects that the Elections have on the stock market
  • [7:24] Stock market expectations for the coming year
  • [12:41] Why might people rush to sell right now?
  • [19:43] What should investors be preparing for?
  • [23:47] Where investors can find out more

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