The Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Forever

It must pay dividends, distributions, interest, royalties, or rents. It has to pay something to me, and pay it on a schedule. Read more

Why Stocks May Crater 25%

According to a Wall Street analyst, stocks could crater 25% if the Fed carries on raising rates. Here’s why I couldn’t care less if he’s right or wrong. Read more

Deutsche Bank’s Top 2 Dividends Stocks

Deutsche Bank just recommended two high-yield dividend stocks it believes are the right buys in the current market. Here are their NAMES and TICKER symbols. Read more

The Brutal Truth About Social Security

“The job of Social Security since the 1930s has been to lift older Americans out of poverty.” Read more

My TOP Income Trade for 2023

This income opportunity is from a strategy we’ve been using for the past 5+ years… Read more

The Case for the Sovereign Income Investor

I will explain WHY the market favors the sovereign individual income investor… Read more

The WORST High Yield Energy Stocks

These energy stocks are sporting up to 10% yields. However, the payments can be risky. And that can lead to huge downside risks. Read more

The #1 AI Powered Dividend Stock

The Magnificent Seven AI stocks are crushing the market. Yet investors are overlooking a one of the cheapest AI stocks. Plus, it’s paying a healthy 5% dividend. Read more

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