Crushing the S&P 500 for 50 years

Stock market historians might raise an eyebrow at the debut datte. October and 1929 conjure an important event. Read more

3 Oil Dividend Stocks Wall Street Likes

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Are I-Bonds Still a Buy?

I-Bonds are 30-year Treasury securities. They sell for $25 each. Each investor is limited to purchasing only $10,000 worth of I-Bonds per year. Read more

It’s Happening…

It’s official: Oil prices just hit a 9-month high. Considering how this could worsen inflation … you might consider this income secret… Read more

Governor Blasts Biden With This…

After Biden canceled oil and gas leases in Alaska…the Alaska governor accused Biden of violating the law. He said that it “makes absolutely no sense from any perspective unless… Read more

The Newest Dividend King – Double the S&P Yield

One UKNOWN stock has been raising its dividend for 62 years. Yet you’ve probably never heard of this stock – even though you use their products every week. The… Read more

Energy Stocks

Charlie Munger’s Shocking Oil Stock Dividend

Charlie Munger just revealed the shocking income he receives from a $1k investment made in 1962. Here’s the story of how that investment occurred. Read more

Top Economist Issues NEW WARNING

A top economist issued a severe warning: American families could soon max out their credit cards and be hung out to dry. But they could solve this dilemma by… Read more

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