Overnight Money

MSNBC’s Take on Your Finances

Did you hear what MSBNC’s Stephanie Ruhle just said? Frankly, she’s completely out of touch with the reality of the average American. Here’s why. Read more

This is Terrible for Older Americans

A growing number of older Americans are delaying or abandoning their retirement plans as they continue to battle chronic inflation. But there are ways any American… Read more

Powell: This Transitory Inflation Sure Is Sticky

Fed Chair Jerome Powell just said his confidence that inflation will keep cooling is not as high as it was at the start of the year. And that the… Read more

Housing Costs Just Hit This NEW Record

Housing costs hit an all-time high of $2,775 per month. That’s almost DOUBLE since the pandemic – and the inflation. Read more

JPMorgan Issues New Gloomy Forecast

JPMorgan just issued a dire warning for investors, saying that they could be “stuck on the wrong side” of… Read more

California’s New Minimum Wage Disaster

The California minimum wage destruction continues. Layoffs… businesses shutting down… and now THIS. Read more

The New 2025 COLA Increase is a JOKE

According to a new article on mainstream media, your Social Security COLA increase could be bigger than expected in 2025. The problem is that… Read more

Mainstream Media: Climate Change Will Drive Inflation Higher!

According to a new article on mainstream media… climate change is turning up the heat on inflation. But what about the US government’s massive spending problem? Read more

Costco Taps Into New Market

Costco is tapping to a new market. The move comes after seeing massive success selling these items last year. But will this be a smart move? Here’s what I… Read more

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