Musk LEAKS Tesla’s New Shareholder Vote!

Elon Musk just leaked some of the results from Tesla’s shareholders.

As the drama of his $56 billion pay package intensifies…

Elon is about to reveal the biggest innovation since ChatGPT.

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Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting is this next Thursday.

At the meeting, they’ll reveal the results of votes on key proposals.

The most important one is the reinstatement of Musk’s compensation package that was taken away earlier this year.

But Elon has already spilled some of the beans.

Take a look at this post on X…

It’s a post from financial news site Zero Hedge.

They highlight the irony of Norway’s fund opposition to Elon Musk’s pay package – and Elon Musk responded by saying…

Here’s the thing.

Back in 2018, Elon Musk asked the Tesla board to pay him $56 billion in stock.

And they said YES.

The deal meant that Musk would receive $0 salary.

Instead, he’d receive stock options that could give him an additional 12% ownership in Tesla IF he grew the company to $650 billion.

And against all odds…

That’s exactly what he did by 2021.

Is any Tesla shareholder complaining about Tesla’s 965% increase in market value since 2018?

But all this drama is distracting investors from the real Elon Musk story today.

On August 8…

He will unveil the biggest AI breakthrough since ChatGPT.

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