Winners in the Billion Dollar Battery Wars

There a massive shortage of batteries.

Automakers aren’t willing to depend on China for EV batteries. So, they’re spending billions directly with companies that produce batteries and battery metals.

Consider the recent headlines…

  • GM Says It Has Battery Metals Secured as Industry Frets Supply – Bloomberg
  • Ford Increases Battery Supply to Meeting Electric Vehicle Goals – NY Times
  • Toyota-Panasonic Battery JV to Buy Lithium – Reuters
  • VW Forms Asian JVs to Secure Battery Materials Supply – AutoNews

Meanwhile, Tesla ambitions are off the charts…

20 million EVs produced per year by 2030 – a 2,000% increase from last year’s production.

This requires a staggering amount of batteries.

At a recent battery day event – Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed “The Plan.”

It calls for Tesla to increase its battery production capacity by 30-times – from 100 GWh to 3 TWh per year!

Musk knows it’s a huge goal with big risks.

Tesla’s biggest risk is that the company will be unable to secure the materials required to produce batteries.

Right now, most of the material that goes into batteries comes from China. For example, the lithium may be mined in Australia. Or the graphite or cobalt may come from Africa. Yet it’s sent to China where it’s refined and then shipped on to Tesla in the U.S.

This poses a huge risk if shortages continue.

China could easily shut down exports to the U.S. market. It would do so in order to prioritize delivering these materials to Chinese EV companies.

Tesla and Musk have been ahead of the curve on this risk. And they’ve already been inking deals to secure access to the required minerals and materials.

However, the other automakers have just realized the same risks exist for their businesses. That’s why they’re following in Tesla’s footsteps.

They’re investing billions to secure their supply chain. They’re forming joint venture partnerships around the world. And they’re committing to buy billions of metals from undiscovered stocks that you’ve never heard of.

Shares of these stocks can double or triple in price immediately following one of these deals.

That’s why it’s critical to BUY these stocks – BEFORE a major deal is announced.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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