The REAL Reason Elon Is SELLING Tesla Stock

Elon Musk just sold Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock worth $6.9 billion.

CNN and CNBC report that Musk is raising cash to fund the $44 billion purchase of Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR).

It’s not Musk’s first sale of stock to fund the Twitter deal. Back in April he also sold $8.5 billion of Tesla stock after announcing plans to buy Twitter.

That means he’s sold a total of $15.4 billion in Tesla stock.

Right now, Elon is trying to wrangle out of his agreement to buy Twitter.

There are two important things to consider:

  1. Musk’s legal agreement to purchase Twitter is very solid. His claims that Twitter misled him will likely be dismissed by the court. Twitter therefore has a very convincing case that Elon should be forced to complete the $44 billion deal.
  2. The Delaware court may have trouble forcing Musk to actually close the deal. It’s unclear HOW they could force a transaction to be completed. Their normal tools such as fines could prove ineffective against a man worth $255 billion.

It’s quite possible that the court will rule in favor of Twitter. Under that scenario, Musk would likely pay a $1 billion penalty for not closing the deal. It’s uncertain what will happen beyond that.

Musk says he’s raising cash to buy Twitter. Even though it appears that he can NOT be forced to close the transaction and purchase Twitter – if he now has buyer’s remorse.

Elon Musk owns 17% of Tesla – making him the largest shareholder. He’s also the largest investor in Twitter with a 9% stake.

The entire fight over Twitter is a bit of a joke.

Elon Musk Reveals Secret Master Plan

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It’s a complete sideshow to what’s really happening at Tesla and SpaceX.

That’s because Elon is just days away from releasing his Master Plan 3.0. And this new master plan will reveal Musk’s strategic vision for the next decade.

In fact, I’d bet that Elon plans to use the $15 billion in cash to fund his Master Plan 3.0. And he really has NO intention of using the cash to buy Twitter.

Right now, nobody is talking about this new master plan. Nobody is considering what this means for Tesla and SpaceX. And nobody is considering how this will spark massive profits for investors who ACT NOW.

Elon Musk hasn’t released the OFFICIAL Master Plan on the Tesla blog – or anywhere else.

However, I’ve spent months digging through Twitter conversations, Elon’s battery day presentations, notes and memos from Tesla’s all-staff meetings, and conference call transcripts.

I’ve personally invested over 200 hours of my time on this research project. I’ve put the puzzle pieces together to develop a clear picture and bold prediction of what’s next for Elon Musk… Tesla… and SpaceX.

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Ian Wyatt
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