5G and the Upcoming Revolution

We have become accustomed to smartphones and the conveniences they bring into our collective lives. The ability to stream music and movies on a handheld device would have seemed like science fiction just 20 years ago. But that is all about to change.

5G is poised to storm the cellular network industry. 

Videos that used to take 15 minutes to download will suddenly become available in seconds. This major shift will lead to massive changes for companies and consumers alike. Infrastructures will need upgrading, and the average person will need a new smart device. 

What effects will these changes have on the markets and companies that manufacture these products? Tune in to this week’s Daily Profit with Ian Wyatt to find out.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [2:04] The evolution of wireless technology up to 5G
  • [4:03] 5G is already live in select cities
  • [7:29] The 5G phenomenon is projected to be massive
  • [8:57] The President sees 5G as a part of National Security
  • [12:26] Trade War with China and how that affects the markets
  • [13:12] The big winners that Ian sees right now
  • [21:15] Strategies that Ian and Daily Profit employs

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