What is the Daily Profit Podcast?

Becoming an expert in something can be an empowering thing. After gaining the knowledge and experience in a field or subject of study, some masters choose to pass on what they have learned and empower others to achieve the same success.

Ian Wyatt is definitely in that category.

This week Ian is once again joined by Dr. Jeremy Weisz to talk about Daily Profit. What are the goals of the podcast? Who should listen? How will people benefit from Ian’s expertise? These are just some of the great questions that Ian will answer on this week’s episode. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [1:55] Why Ian started Daily Profit
  • [2:55] What this podcast will be about and who should listen
  • [7:39] Ian’s background and experience
  • [9:01] The ownership mentality Ian brings to investing in a company
  • [11:40] The investment journey Ian has been on
  • [16:33] Background on Wyatt Investment Research
  • [18:46] Future content on the podcast

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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This episode is brought to you by Daily Profit. Ian Wyatt’s Daily Profit wants to help you become a better investor by sharing with you his lessons learned from my many successes and failures.

Plus, with 20+ years as an investment research analyst, they’ve developed a deep network of financial professionals. This means that they are able to tap into a vast group of experts to bring you unique and actionable ideas that you won’t find elsewhere.

All you have to do is go to DailyProfit.com and sign up for Ian’s free e-letter to get access to his top investment ideas and favorite growth sectors. 

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