Cannabis Stocks 2020: Analyst Reveals Top 2 Stock Picks

Rob Fagan is a CFA analyst at Stifel GMP, based in Montreal, Canada.  He is a Canadian investment analyst who has chosen to focus on the US market for stocks in the cannabis sector. 

Rob took up Finance in University and has always been interested in the stock market. tHe worked for a couple of years in the retail side of finance and later got a job doing research for GMP Securities, the predecessor firm of Stifel GMP. In 2014 the firm started getting involved in the cannabis sector which made them early movers in this space.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [01:52] How Rob got started as an analyst
  • [04:30] The volatility of cannabis stocks
  • [09:06] The current state of US cannabis stocks
  • [16:25] Are investors jumping back on board of the cannabis stock market?
  • [28:25] Cannabis companies that Rob likes
  • [36:31] There is a lot of upside potential in US cannabis markets
  • [43:39] Where to connect with Rob

In this episode…

Cannabis is a growing trend in the health care sector both in the US and in Canada but their performance in the stock market and their growth in both countries differ significantly. It’s a controversial market that’s fast gaining the attention of the crowd as more people are wondering just how effective they could be and how regulated cannabis products are.

Rob Fagan, a healthcare analyst of Sifel GMP has a few things to say about the performance of cannabis in the two countries’ stock markets and what could be affecting their growth and success.

On this episode of the Daily Profit,  Ian Wyatt talks to Rob about the 2019 dip in cannabis stock performance, what 2020 has in store for this sector, and why the need for investor participation is crucial in order for cannabis to thrive both in the US and in Canada. Stay tuned.

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