Why 5G Is the #1 Disruptive Technology for 2020

One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends in the marketplace today which could give early investors massive profits in 2020 is 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network that is now coming online.

It may sound like a lot of hype because of all the commercials and publicity it has been receiving lately, but 5G could to be a breakthrough technology that has the potential to open up a lot of new applications and technologies that we just haven’t seen in current wireless devices.

In today’s episode, Ian Wyatt discusses in length about the next big thing in technology: the 5G wireless network connection. He talks about the new technologies that will be enabled by 5G, the expected massive growth of 5G smartphones, and the best companies to invest in to reap big in the biggest trend that’s rolling out soon worldwide.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [00:30] The biggest, fastest-growing trend in the marketplace today
  • [02:18] What can 5G do? What will be its benefits?
  • [06:22] The three things that 5G can enable
  • [09:49] How 5G will unfold in three distinct phases
  • [11:45] The expected growth of 5G smartphones in the next five years
  • [13:06] Where is 5G today? When is it coming to you?
  • [17:18] 5G is becoming today’s reality
  • [19:08] Which companies should you invest in?
  • [19:39] Why Washington DC and congress all support 5G
  • [22:21] What’s next in upcoming episodes of the Daily Profit show

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