How We Collected Over 90% in Income in the Last Year and a Half

Do you seek income strategies that produce great returns no matter whether the market is moving up, down or sideways?high probability trades

In the next three issues of Strike Price, I’m going to give you ways to earn high, safe income under any market conditions.

Today, I’ll show you how to ring the cash register from a bullish, sideways or even a slight downward move in a stock. I call this strategy the “hard sell.”

My subscribers and I collected over 90% in cash in less than two years using this strategy.

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Before I show you how to do a “hard sell, let’s examine the core issue that makes otherwise intelligent, patient, well-meaning investors make bad choices.

It comes down to the choice between high-reward, high-excitement, high-risk opportunities on one hand, and high-probability trades on the other.

As someone who approaches the market from a statistical standpoint, I’m concerned when I see people essentially throwing their money away on low-probability trades.

The issue is that low-probability trades are exciting.

There’s a huge and thriving market for traders who crave this kind of excitement. They want three to five risky trades each day! It’s essentially the same type of person who buys lottery tickets every day. They get some kind of thrill over the idea of “hitting it big.”

And the sad truth is, this type of trader will always fall victim to the possibility of winning, while simultaneously ignoring the likelihood of losing.

It is possible to make 500% gains in one day. It’s also possible the Prince of Nigeria will cut you a check just for helping him get his fortune out of the country. Neither of these things is likely – but thousands of traders make large investments based on the sheer possibility of success.

How to Put the Odds on Your Side

If you invest based on probabilities and high probability trades, you are setting yourself up for a nice payday.

When seeking a bullish trade, I use my RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) to find the most severely oversold stocks and ETFs.

Think about it: The more oversold a stock is, the more likely it is to bounce back and move higher.

Next, I find put options to sell to the traders who are betting on the stock’s continued decline. I look for options with at least an 80% chance of finishing “out of the money” – expiring worthless.

To sum up: When looking for income in a bullish market, I sell high-probability put options on severely oversold stocks. That’s my recipe for 90% income in less than two years!

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