39 Year Old Female Analyst Reveals Which States are Broke

Meredith Whitney, the young, attractive and prescient analyst from the Wall
Street firm Oppenheimer & Co., recently published a 600 page report
detailing the financial woes of the 15 largest states.

Ms. Whitney gained fame when she boldly predicted the disaster that befell
America’s banking system back in 2008, before it was on anyone’s radar.

Today, not surprisingly, Ms. Whitney finds that California is in the worst
fiscal shape of any state in the union.

The report is titled “Tragedy of the Commons” and it discusses how some
energy independent states like Texas are among the healthiest.

Not mentioned in the report is the relative health of states like North
Dakota, where a recent massive oil find augurs well for states with an
abundance of in-demand resources.

The leading energy analyst at Wyatt Investment Research, Gregor Macdonald,
along with Chief Investment Strategist Ian Wyatt, recently published a full
report on a group of small companies that are set to lead North Dakota into
an era of sustainable fiscal health.

There have already been a slew of overnight millionaires popping up in this
remote state, and with billions of barrels of oil yet untapped, there’s
certainly opportunity for more profits to be made by individual investors.

Click here to get your copy of Gregor’s and Ian’s full report on profitable
investments in North Dakota oil companies

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