Ben Bernanke is confused about gold

Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently expressed some confusion about increases
in gold prices.

to a recent story in The Wall Street
, Bernanke said, “I don’t fully understand movements in the gold

NYSE: GS), believe that massive
deficits and billion dollar gifts to Wall Street bankers should have no

For anyone
paying attention to the Federal Reserve’s massive bailouts gifted to super-rich
bankers, it’s small wonder that world investors have started bidding up gold’s
price – they’re sick of working hard for dollars while the Fed gives them out
for free to the world’s elite financial institutions.

Here’s a
wake-up call for Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and President Obama: deficits
do matter! Recent polls suggest that
deficit spending is now the #1 issue on voters’ minds. Willingness to print the
dollar into oblivion will continue to be matched by a stronger and stronger
bull market in gold.

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