How to buy gold at $120 an ounce, seriously

may seem outrageous — what with central banks buying, inflation on the horizon
and the U.S. dollar tanking — but you can still buy gold on the cheap. Even as
low as $120 an ounce, if you know where to look.

And there’s one stock that’s nothing less than a rock solid opportunity to
double your money in a few months time. And over time, there’s no telling how
much you could make from this stock.

Because the same forces that are prompting China to buy more than the world’s
total annual gold production over the next three years…the same upward trend
that’s lead the U.S. Mint to stop selling gold coins…the same raging bull
market that’s pushed gold prices to all time highs will drive the stock of this
unknown gold miner up at least 100% over the next few months. 

You could easily double your money with the cheapest gold stock in the world as
gold prices continue to surge.

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