Chinese Stocks Drop 5% Overnight

With the exception of the Nasdaq, the major indices finished yesterday with slight losses. And it looks like an even money bet whether they’ll finish in the red today. We’ve seen an unlikely move over the last two weeks. The S&P 500 has made gains in 9 of the last 11 sessions and moved 11.3% higher. Volume hasn’t been especially strong during this move, but it is summer. Volume is always a bit lighter in the summer.  
It seems more and more strategist-types are looking for a pullback or correction for stocks. Yesterday, CNBC‘s Jim Cramer said he was expecting some red. Of course, Cramer makes so many calls it’s hard to keep them all straight.  
For the record, Cramer says he likes healthcare stocks, technology and financials, believe it or not. He says financials are so universally hated that they will be stronger than average in the event of a pullback. That’s the "no one left to sell" theory.  
I’m not so sure. The banks have been given time to earn their way back to health. And it could work. But a lot depends on the housing market. Many banks still carry toxic assets. And their reluctance to sell into Geithner’s PPIP suggests they remain hopeful these assets will regain value. If they don’t, it could be problematic. And then there’s the commercial real estate situation we’ve been discussing.
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******China is in the news again. Overnight, the Shanghai Composite fell 5%, the biggest drop in eight months. Investors are nervous on reports that the Chinese government may be discussing clamping down on lending due to the potential for imbalances to occur.  
Specifically, Bloomberg is reporting that the Chinese government is concerned that asset bubbles may be forming in the stock market and that inflation may be building.  
Chinese stocks are reportedly trading at 35 times reported earnings. And that is expensive. But interestingly, the Chinese stocks in the SmallCapInvestor PRO portfolio are trading with Price-to-Earnings ratios between 8 and 11. That’s much cheaper than most Chinese stocks, apparently, and one of the reasons we recommended them.  
Of course, valuations won’t keep our stocks from declining if the Chinese stock market takes a hit. But Chinese stocks are recovering today after last night’s sell-off, so that’s a good sign.  
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*****Finally, Top Stock Insights reader took 35% gains yesterday on Chinese medical device maker called Mindray (NYSE:MR). I love the science fiction name, but couldn’t resist taking the gains. 
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