Even Wal-Mart is Having Trouble

Last week’s better-than-expected payroll data is being offset by new jobless claims today. 558,000 people filed new claims for unemployment benefits. That was more than the median estimate of 545,000. 

The number of people collecting unemployment fell by 141,000 and that lowers the unemployment rate. That sounds good, but I don’t think it is. Most likely, benefits for these 141,000 have run out. So what little money they had coming in is now gone and they’ve just stopped asking.  
*****The most direct effect of massive unemployment is less spending and less revenues for America‘s retailers. Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) beat earnings but missed on revenue. That basically means Wal-Mart fired a bunch of people to cut costs, then those people spent less at the store.  
Overall, retail sales were down 1% in July after a 0.8% rise in June. With the unemployment rate still expected to rise to over 10%, and likely to stay at high levels for a few years, there’s not a lot of upside for the retail sector.
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*****Investors are ignoring short-term weakness in oil demand and focusing on the long-term fundamentals. Oil prices are back over $71 a barrel today despite the highest reserve levels since 1991.  
Barclay’s expects oil prices to average $76 a barrel in the third quarter. And don’t forget, hurricane season is looming. Oil stocks should be bought on dips.  
Ian Wyatt
Daily Profit

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