Get Ready to Pounce…

Do you own gold and silver?

Do you have investments in the stock market that give you the potential to
profit from higher priced oil, natural gas and coal?

What about agriculture: do you have access to the inevitable sustained
interest that people seem to have in eating food?

I hope you do. If you don’t, it looks like you’ll have an opportunity to
buy some of these assets during this broad-market down turn.

I don’t know who sold their gold yesterday to knock it down off its highs
of $1,680 – but it probably wasn’t people like you and me. It was probably
short term traders, hedge funds, institutional investors and central banks
who needed to raise capital quickly to cover some other loss or margin

We might see another few days or weeks of weakness in gold prices as that
trend unwinds, but I think the overwhelmingly strong trend in the price of
gold will continue upward.


I mean… if you have to ask: the United States government just celebrated
their ability to take on more debt in the world’s most drawn out and
dramatized exhibition of useless law-making.

I can’t tell if they actually achieved in putting more than a tiny blemish
in the massive debts this country has, but from what I can tell, they
succeeded in increasing this country’s debts, and they had the gall to call
it a victory.

If their “victory” doesn’t give you a renewed sense of vigor about your
gold holdings, then I don’t know what to tell you.

When this government slaps itself on the back for taking on more debt, you
should be running not walking to buy more gold on any weakness.

As I said in yesterday’s issue
of the Resource Prospector
, “…you need to make a
shopping list of companies you want to own or companies you want to own
more of.

Make the list now – so you’re prepared when your dream-price comes

It’s not too late to make your list – because while the blood certainly
spilled yesterday, I don’t think the market is done bleeding.

If you’re a commodity investor, as I am, then you should be readying
yourself for the exact time to pick up some momentarily ignored and
forgotten assets at fire-sale prices.

These chances do not come along very often, and when they do, they are

Make your list. Check it twice. Get your capital ready and prepare to
pounce: our chance is near.

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