How to Get my “Gold and Silver Buyer’s Guide”

We’re in the heart of the summer movie blockbuster season.

My son Beckett is only 3 months old, so I’m not headed to too many movies this summer – although if there’s anyone in the central Vermont area this week, my wife and I would love it if you could babysit so we can see the last Harry Potter movie.

Anyway, there’s an aspect of cinema that I think sort of applies to what’s happening to the gold market right now.

You’ve probably heard of the notion of "suspension of disbelief."

Simply put, the phrase means putting aside your rational mind – which tells you that the movie you’re watching is all fiction. It’s not real. The people you’re watching are just light projected onto a screen and their voices are just noise coming from speakers in the walls.

So you ignore your rational mind – you suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy the story playing out on the screen.

Otherwise – why go to the movies if you can’t pretend for a couple hours? The air conditioning is an acceptable answer.

But in the investing world, most people are doing the complete opposite of "suspending disbelief" right now with regards to gold.

Gold broke through $1,600 an ounce recently, and people just can’t believe it.

They can’t believe that it can continue its run much further. They can’t believe that it’s doubled in just the past 3 years. They can’t believe… well, much of anything about gold right now.

That’s exactly what happens with a strong bull market. People don’t believe in it – until it’s much too late to get on board.

The crowd suspends belief in the bull market – saying, "it’s getting long in the tooth – due for a big pull back any day now."

But we’re in the middle of the summer for the gold bull market. You should be suspending disbelief. Resist your rational mind’s first instinct to discount gold prices.

Gold is rising for very good reason. For one example – I don’t believe that Congress should raise the debt ceiling, but as a practical matter, every time they do raise it, the price of gold rises.

In spite of the fact that any rational person might desire a strong currency policy, Congress has shown itself incapable of pursuing such a policy for the majority of the last 100 years – since the inception of the Federal Reserve.

Why would things change now?

Every year for the past 12 years you would have made significant gains doing nothing but buying gold – but the trend goes much further than that.

Because on average, every year for the past 100, you’d be sitting on a substantial nominal profit had you done nothing but traded in your dollars for gold.

Do the actions in the Congress or in the White House give you any reason whatsoever to believe that the trend will reverse?

They’re certainly signaling quite the obvious to me.

And I’ve heard from some readers who tell me they can’t afford to buy gold. My counter-argument is that they can’t afford to hold dollars.

For this declaration and others, I’ve been accused of being a right-wing zealot, a political hack who does nothing but carry water for Republicans. I have to constantly point out the fact that I have no affiliation with any political party.

Political parties are as pointless to me as day time television. They have no sway over my opinions or scrawlings, and they’re largely a waste of time.

I realize it makes me an extremist to say so, but I believe our government should pursue honest monetary policy. Think about that for a second: the fact that I believe in honest money actually makes me a fringe lunatic.

I do not subscribe to the idea that our elected officials should have special rights to defraud regular people just because they’re trusting enough to hold dollars. I realize these statements may be controversial. But that’s exactly why gold will continue to rise in price: because the idea that money should be sound, secure, honest, straightforward and un-political – these ideas are outside the mainstream.

And so I will continue to trade in my dollars for gold. I will. And I hope you will too -for the simple reason that the political class in this country has granted ITSELF the right to defraud us if we hold dollars, regardless of how we feel about it.

If you believe differently – that is, if you believe that the political class should be given the key to the city, and be allowed total control over the dollar to devalue as they wish, then I can only say that you should find the local cattle slaughterhouse and get in line.

That way, your end will be quick and rather painless.

Otherwise, you should be buying gold.

If you’re interested, I have written a simple guide on how to buy gold (and silver). In the past, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to sell this guide for upwards of $495. I say unsuccessfully, because we’ve been unable to sell it at this price. which is okay.

Tomorrow, I’m going to publish this entire guide for free. I’ll send you a free copy of it. All I ask is that if you find this guide valuable, that you write me a brief note, telling me why. Or even better, if once you receive this guide, you find that it’s missing some information that you’d like to read about – please send me your questions or comments and I’ll try my best to fill in any gaps in information I may have missed.

My goal as a newsletter editor is to help you make money in commodities – please use me as a resource, and I’ll do my best to put my talents to work for you.

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