Three Guiana Shield Gold Companies (IAG, GPO, CDE, GUY)

In yesterday’s issue
, I told you all about an up and coming gold
region in the small South American country, Guyana.

*****In short, it’s believed that Guyana is the long-lost twin to West
African gold deposits – separated by millions of years and thousands of
miles of ocean. Once, this region was joined together, but separated when
Pangea broke apart.

As I said yesterday, “Early testing indicates that the gold
mineralization in Guyana (known as the Guiana shield) strongly resembles
the geology of the West African Birimian shield.”

It’s exciting news, because if the amount of gold found in the Guiana
shield is even a half or a quarter as much as similar discoveries in West
Africa, the companies operating in this region could skyrocket very

The opportunity here actually extends beyond just Guyana. Nearby
countries Suriname and French Guiana are part of the same Guiana shield
and currently have gold exploration companies active within their

We already know there is gold in the Guiana shield, the question is,
which companies have the best chance to profit from it?

Today, I’m going to reveal three potential investments to take advantage
of the Guiana shield gold boom.

*****Risk is the overriding factor for any junior resource firm – because
for many exploration companies, risk is the only sure thing.

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