What Camp Are You In?

We’re all Americans – right? Regardless of how our
nation’s sovereign debt issue plays out, we still share common values that
made this country great, and so shall again allow us to climb from the
rubble, and rebuild it again and again.

I’d like to believe this assertion – but unfortunately I’ve come to realize
that this country is divided into two opposed camps, one of which is in
direct opposition to the statement above. And these two schools of thought
cut across racial, political, religious and socio-economic lines.

Right now the folks in charge in Washington DC overwhelmingly fall into the
first camp. While they may sing the national anthem just like you and me,
they’re only going through the motions. They don’t believe it. They don’t
believe in individual responsibility, liberty, honesty or hard work.

Because they firmly believe that they can and should run the economy. And
they believe that they have the authority to run rough-shod over anyone who
gets in their way.

They believe that when they subsidize one business over another, or give a
tax break to corporate interest X instead of middle class taxpayer Y, that
it’s because they know better.

When they endlessly spend more than they take in – it’s okay because they
know better, because they’ve actually invented a new type of math proving that deficits don’t matter, not
now and not ever.

When they launch drone attacks that sometimes kill enemy combatants but
kill thousands of civilians
, it’s called collateral damage, and it’s
just the way things have to be.

When they decide that the
middle class should pay MORE in taxes over the next 10 years
, it’s not
because they spent too much (see above: deficits don’t matter) it’s because
the middle class isn’t paying enough.

When they remove a 95 year old woman from her wheelchair to check her
soiled diaper for explosives before letting her get on an airplane, it’s
“proper procedure.”

To these people, there’s no end to the lengths that government should
extend itself into the lives, actions, commerce and business of the rest of

Not only do they fervently hold these beliefs, but they’re willing to bet
the well-being and future of the entire economy on them.

What do I mean by this statement?

Well, right now Ben Bernanke, President Obama and the rest of the central
planners have locked themselves into a scheme with irreversible
consequences. They’re betting the crux of the entire economy that they have
the ability, the right and the intelligence to manage the marketplace

This crux (aka the dollar or Federal Reserve Note) used to be the strongest
currency in the world. It used to be backed by real assets, and during that
period of time, we grew into the strongest economy the world has ever seen.
Today, just a mere 40 years after we took the dollar off of its platform,
we’ve seen the dollar lose over 80% of its value, and the pace is

The central planners will tell you that a currency that falls is good for
them, good for you and good for the economy. We know the opposite is true.
We know that a falling currency means rising prices. We know that rising
prices means less jobs, less food, less energy and less growth.

These central planners or politicians or world-changers or whatever you
want to call them are in direct opposition to honest money, honest people
and honest government.

So I don’t care how you vote right now, how you’ve voted in the past or who
you vote for in November 2012. Whether you vote Democrat, Republican,
Independent or Wiccan-NAZI-Zionist – it makes no difference to me.

Because unless you’re voting with your dollars right now, by converting
them into real assets like gold, silver, wheat, oil and coal – you will get
eaten alive by the policies that the central planners have in store for

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