Collect 10% – 36% from the U.S. Government

Frankly, record low interest rates are punishing everyone with money in the bank.
It’s a joke. You’ll only get 1% in a CD. Or 1.8% from U.S. Treasurys.
Now imagine collecting 10% – 36% in annual income from the U.S. government.
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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently slashed interest rates three times. And the Federal Funds rate is now just 1.55%.
Fed Slashes Interest Rates in 2019 – Click Here for 10% – 36% Income
Low interest rates make it nearly impossible to earn a good income. That’s because when the Fed lowers interest rates, the yield drops on everything.
For example, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury has fallen by 40% in the last year!
Despite low yields, smart money investors are finding new streams of income.
One of these hidden investments could allow you to collect 10% – 36% annual income. And these aren’t risky junk bonds or the debt of a banana republic.
Instead, it’s a little-known market that’s estimated to be worth $5 billion – $15 billion annually. These investments offer high yields, plus they’re backed up by hard assets.
One expert says this is “the perfect hedge, with a predictable interest rate that’s not impacted by Wall Street.”
A small group of Wall Street firms recently uncovered this unique situation. And they’re helping their wealthiest clients claim huge income paydays from this income secret.
For example, Fortress Investments has made a major push into these income investments. And BlackRock expected to make $242 million in profits in just a few years.
Fortune magazine says that this is a “lucrative investment that hedge funds are keeping secret.”
Meanwhile, Warren Buffett said that he would ONLY invest here if he were just getting started.
My research suggests that 99% of regular Americans are completely unaware of these high-yield investments.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I mentioned this income secret to a group of 12 people including my parents. And not a single one of them had ever even heard of this!
It makes sense.
If you’d found unique opportunity paying out 10% – 36% annual income – would you really be spreading the word? Or would you keep this to yourself?
For the last three months, I’ve been on a mission to uncover the wealth secrets that are being used by America’s richest 1%. And I’ve discovered some amazing and simple ways to earn more income – no matter what happens in the stock market.
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