These Two Guys Could Bankrupt Marriott Hotels

airbnb-ipoIn 2007, two buddies moved from NYC to San Fran.
Rent in San Francisco was more than $2,000 a month, and the unemployed college grads were short on their next payment.
When they noticed that EVERY hotel in the city was booked during the Industrial Design Conference, Brian and Joe realized they could earn some extra cash.
They bought a couple of airbeds and put up a website dubbed “Air Bed and Breakfast.” And they charged $80 a night to sleep on their floor.
They’ve since turned their pop-up B&B website into the fourth most valuable private company in America.
Brian and Joe’s company is now better known as Airbnb   ̶   and it’s valued at $30 billion.

Airbnb IPO Will Be One of the Biggest

My research indicates that this could be one of the biggest IPOs in 2017. And I’d like to show you how to grab a stake in Silicon Valley startups just like Airbnb   ̶   before they go public.
The early website sported a tag line that read, “Forget hotels.” And many people   ̶   myself included   ̶   have done just that.
I’ve personally used Airbnb to rent apartments for many personal vacations. In fact, I’ve stayed in Airbnb’s in Amsterdam, Florida, Maine and Oregon. In fact, it’s become the only way I’ll travel with my family.
After raising $3.1 billion from some of the premier venture capital firms, Airbnb poses a huge threat to hotel companies.
That’s why the company currently commands a value that’s the same as Marriott (NYSE: MAR).
That’s right. Airbnb   ̶   a 9-year-old startup   ̶   has the same value as a 90-year-old hotel with nearly 200,000 employees, $14 billion in revenues and 5,700 hotel properties.
Airbnb is in fact the biggest threat to Marriott’s big hotel business . . . and all hotels, for that matter.
Some estimates peg Airbnb’s revenues last year at $1.6 billion. That’s up 70% from the sales of $900 million in 2015.

Fortunes Will Be Realized in Airbnb IPO

The size of Airbnb’s business   ̶   and the rapid growth   ̶   is too much to ignore.
Early Airbnb investors will cash in fortunes at the time of the Airbnb IPO. And I’d like to bring you into the fold with my latest research briefing.
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Why should Marriott execs be scared? Because Airbnb has 2 million rental listings in 191 countries and 34,000 cities. And with 60 million guests staying at an Airbnb, this is a huge threat to ANY hotel business.
Inside my live event, I’ll explain exactly how to grab a stake in privately held companies   ̶   just like Airbnb   ̶   months before they IPO on the Nasdaq.
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