How Cannabis Will Become Canada’s #1 Export

Within just 13 months, Canada will become the first developed country to fully legalize cannabis.Canadian pot
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Most of the news coverage  ̶  from CNBC, CNN, and CBC News in Canada  ̶  has focused on the market WITHIN Canada.
Unfortunately, they’re missing the big picture.
The potentially BIGGER opportunity for legal weed isn’t inside Canada . . . it’s outside of the country.
You see, Canada is a decent-sized country with 38 million people. That makes it the same size as the state of California.
Canadian pot growers can make tons of money selling within the country. But if they’re able to export their products, it could be a real game changer.
Canada is on the cusp of unleashing the kind of economic growth machine seen only once or twice per generation.

Canadian Pot Industry: Explosive Growth

This booming industry could grow to become Canada’s #1 export. Is it really possible that cannabis could overtake oil and natural gas, vehicles and vehicle parts, machinery and computers, gemstones and precious metals, and even timber wood?
Sound far-fetched?
I understand that it seems like a bit of a stretch to think that today’s fledgling pot industry could overtake the country’s well-established oil & natural gas industry. After all, it’s a $50 billion industry.
It’s important to realize that Canada has one key advantage, known as “first mover advantage.”
Typically, we think of first mover advantage in the context of one or a small group of companies pioneering a technology or product. They grab most of the market share before competitors have a chance to bring their own product to the market.
First mover advantage is all about the time between when the early pioneers enter the market and when competitors are able to enter the market with a viable alternative.
During this time, the first mover gets to secure intellectual property, invest in brand awareness, reinvest the early proceeds into research and development to stay ahead of its future competitors.
First mover advantage can have a positive impact on a company and its shareholders. Consider a few products that enjoyed first mover advantage: the iPhone by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Viagra by Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and AdWords by Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL).
When Canada becomes the first country to fully legalize weed, it will give the country’s cannabis growers first mover advantage on the global stage.
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That’s a stark contract from the U.S., where federal prohibition of cannabis prevents businesses from accessing traditional banking and financing or taking advantage of tax benefits extended to business owners.
But that’s only the beginning of why Canada’s first mover advantage is such a big deal.
Can U.S. growers patent a strain or genetic formulation of cannabis when the plant itself is illegal in the U.S.? Can U.S. pharmaceutical companies begin exploring the next great frontier in biopharmaceutical compounds if the very plant from which these compounds are derived remains classified by the government in the exact same category as heroin?
As long as these prohibitions are in place here in the U.S. and beyond, Canada’s businesses are free to research, grow, pioneer, patent, consolidate, export their products and technology around the world.

The Role of Medical Cannabis

Skeptical? You may be thinking, “won’t it be illegal to ship this out of Canada?”
The answer is NO.
In fact, it’s already happening. Of the 29 countries with some form of legal weed, only Canada and the Netherlands export medical cannabis. Already the market for exports is dominated by a small group of Canadian pot producers and this trend shows no signs of slowing.
But if you’re skeptical of how Canada’s relatively small cannabis sales figures will ever overtake its other export industries, you may be on to something.
Recreational and medical sales for the Canadian pot industry are only expected to hit around $4.6 billion in 2019. Even with the projected 31% annual growth rate, it will take a very long time for cannabis to overtake oil & natural gas as Canada’s top export.
The real money in the Canadian pot industry will come from patenting the best strains, trademarking the best growing and extracting techniques, and patenting and producing the best growing and extracting equipment.
Imagine what the Monsanto or Bayer or Pfizer of the legal weed industry could do today if given the time to secure all of the intellectual property it desired before meaningful competitors entered the market!
In fact, that’s exactly what we’re expecting.
A small number of Canadian pot companies are already laying the groundwork to disrupt their various segments of the market.
These companies are making smart investments in their infrastructure using cheap capital and long-term return-on-investment calculations so that they can produce cannabis as efficiently as possible.
Canada is leading the way, and now is the RIGHT TIME to get invested.
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