The Secret to Getting Rich in America

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In high school, we learn that college is the gateway to prosperity.
In college, we’re taught that grad school paves the way to wealth.
At our first job, it’s explained that “climbing the corporate ladder” pays huge dividends.
But you know what?  It’s all B.S.
Because let’s face it: most folks will never get rich.
A couple decades ago, millionaires were considered “rich.”
Today, there are 10.8 million millionaires in the United States. Depending upon your neighborhood, you probably have a millionaire living next door.
The simple fact is that $1,000,000 isn’t that much money.
Real wealth could be defined as having at least $100 million in the bank.
That’s multi-generational wealth. The kind of money that lets you fly in a private plane and drive a new Rolls Royce.

A Route to Real Wealth

So, what’s the secret to accumulating REAL WEALTH?
Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with college (see case studies on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs).
. . . Or working in corporate America for 40 years.
. . . Or saving every penny and investing in dividend stocks.
Instead, it’s all about early investing.
Early investing?
What I mean is investing in “ground floor situations.”
It’s a strategy for investing relatively small amounts of money in young companies.
The goal isn’t to make a safe 10% annual return. Or to collect a regular 3% dividend.
Instead, your goal is to put in $1,000. And have the potential to walk away with $50k or $100k in a few years.
We’re talking about a strategy that’s used by angel investors and venture capitalists to back early-stage startups.

The Potential of Early Stage Investing

Now, there are really two ways to do this.
The first option is to actually get a job at a young and growing tech company that has venture capital financing.
These companies often pay good salaries and offer competitive benefits. But the most important aspect is known as “stock options.”
Options grants give employees the right to BUY shares in the future. For example, an engineer might be granted 100,000 shares of stock per year at $1 per share.
Let’s say that company goes public a few years later at $16 per share. Those options would then be valued at $1.6 million.
It’s easy to see how the options themselves can be far more valuable than any salary.
Now, lots of folks can’t just go out and get a job at a top-tier private tech company.
So, the second option is to simply BUY private shares of stock before an IPO.
In the past, this has often been OFF LIMITS to 97% of Americans. Yet new rules have allowed EVERY investor to grab a stake in these early situations.
The potential profits can be huge.
Don Valentine got started with early-stage investing back in 1972. And he’s known as the “grandfather of Silicon Valley”
Back in 2008, he invested in Dropbox when the company was valued at $25 million.
Today, the company is preparing to go public with an IPO value of over $7 billion.
For every $1,000 invested, Valentine will  be sitting on stock worth approximately $280,000.
Now is YOUR chance to start investing in early stage technologies.
Dropbox goes public on March 23. That means there’s still time for you to grab your private shares – BEFORE the IPO.
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