Counting Down: 3 Days Until Lyft $23 Billion IPO

In just three days . . .Lyft IPO shares
Lyft will go public in a huge IPO.
While most folks will be scrambling to secure shares in the Lyft IPO . . . you can cut the line and grab pre-IPO shares today.
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On Friday, Lyft goes public in a historic initial public offering.
Here’s how the Lyft IPO stacks up with other notable IPOs.
The company has already raised $4.7 BILLION in private financing – before going public. That’s more than any other U.S. startup that has completed an IPO.
Lyft’s private financing far exceeds amounts raised by well-known tech stocks including Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) with $8 million and Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) with $25 million.
Thanks to a huge amount of cash from investors, Lyft has been able to aggressively invest in rapid growth.
Last year, revenues doubled to $2.2 billion!
When Lyft goes public, its revenues will rank third among  U.S. companies that have gone public. Only Facebook (NYSE: FB) and Google had revenues above this level when they went public.
Lyft is in a race to secure a foothold in the U.S. ridesharing market.
The company is up against well-financed Uber (privately held). One important difference is that Uber is making big bets in international markets. Meanwhile, Lyft is focused on the U.S.
Lyft is successfully stealing market share from Uber in the U.S. market. The company now has a 30% market share – up 5% in the last year.
The company’s been spending heavily on marketing. And this includes offering discounts and subsidizing rides for customers.
As a result, the company’s losses have been stacking up.
Last year, Lyft’s net loss totaled $911 million. That was an increase from $688 million in 2017.
IPO investors are looking past those near-term losses. And instead, they are focusing on the huge growth opportunity.
Here in the U.S., there will be two dominant ridesharing companies: Uber and Lyft.
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As the market matures, these two companies will cut back on marketing. Plus, they’ll stop discounting and subsidizing rider fares.
That means that consumers will pay a little more. And these companies could quickly turn profitable.

Lyft IPO: Next Steps

The Lyft IPO is oversubscribed. And that means the demand to buy IPO shares exceeds the number of shares available.
This suggests that once Lyft shares start trading, there will be many investors lining up to buy more stock on the open market.
Shares are expected to be “priced” on Thursday evening. That means the company – working with investment bankers – will determine the IPO offering price.
Right now, they’ve been floating a price range of $62 – $68 per share. At that price, the company’s market value would be $20 billion to $25 billion.
On Friday morning, shares will open for trading on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol “LYFT.”
The NASDAQ market opens at 9:30 a.m. But don’t expect Lyft to start trading that early.
It’ll probably take the market makers a couple of hours to get a sense of the market and OPEN the stock for trading. So, you’ll probably have to wait until 10:30 a.m, or even after 11 a.m., if you’re looking to pick up shares once it starts trading.
Of course, there is another option . . .
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