Lyft Gets Big Price Target Before IPO

Lyft IPOLyft just got its first BUY recommendation.
Here’s the weird thing . . .
The recommendation comes BEFORE the Lyft IPO (expected next week). It’s the latest signal that this IPO will be in high demand.
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Typically Wall Street analysts ONLY issue price targets on publicly traded stocks.
Not anymore!
An analyst at a boutique investment bank called D.A. Davidson just issued a research report on Lyft.
The price target: $75 per share.
Lyft is expected to go public on March 29. The stock will start trading on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol “LYFT.”
In a recent filing with the SEC, Lyft said it plans to sell IPO shares for $62 to $65. The final price of the Lyft IPO shares will be decided the day before the company goes public.
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Lyft will be valued at $20 billion to $23 billion. That’s a nice markup from last years $15 billion valuation.
That may seem expensive . . .
Until you compare it with Uber. Uber is a competing ride-sharing company that was recently valued at $62 billion. And the company is expected to go public in the coming months.
In a note to clients, analyst Tom White wrote, Our buy rating reflects LYFT’s impressive recent U.S. market share gains and momentum, the continued growth/expansion of the broader Ridesharing market, and the stock’s reasonable EV/Sales multiple.”
Last year, Lyft revenues doubled to $2 billion.
Meanwhile, some estimates suggest that sales could jump 70% this year.
Early investments – like Lyft – are the key to building long-term wealth. That’s why I’m always seeking new public companies with big growth potential.
Now, most folks WAIT until a stock goes public. And then they’ll go out and buy shares on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.
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