Breaking: JPMorgan Raises Lyft IPO Price

“Smart money” investors are scooping up Lyft shares.
It’ll be the biggest IPO in the last two years.
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As the week-long investor roadshow wraps up . . .
Institutional investors – including billion-dollar pension funds and hedge funds – are rushing to get IPO shares.
The entire $2 billion financing was 100% full just two days into the roadshow.
JPMorgan Chase is the lead investment banker for Lyft.
They’d initially priced the Lyft IPO in the range of $62 – $68 per share. Based on the strong demand, the IPO will price above that range.
Now, JPMorgan won’t confirm the final Lyft IPO price yet.
It could be as high as $81 – without forcing Lyft to file new paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
My bet is that the Lyft IPO price will be between $70 – $75 per share.
On Thursday night, the New York bankers will confirm the final Lyft IPO price.
And on Friday morning, Lyft will go public on the NASDAQ. Shares will trade with the ticker symbol “LYFT.”
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Current stock market conditions are a perfect setup for new IPOs.
After the late 2018 drop, stock prices have stabilized. Meanwhile, volatility has fallen and investor confidence has improved.
Plus, technology stocks are back in favor – with the NASDAQ up 16% in 2019.
That means investors are likely to look beyond Lyft’s large losses.
Instead, they’ll focus on the company’s 100% revenue growth and #2 position in the booming ride-sharing market.
Today, you have an important choice to make.
First, you can sit on the sidelines and miss out on this IPO. That’s probably not a good idea . . .  especially if you missed out on big IPOs from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Facebook (NYSE: FB).
Second, you can wait for the IPO. That means looking at the stock on Friday morning – when it’s probably trading above $90 / share. And you can decide if you want to BUY after the big gains.
Third, you can BUY Pre-IPO shares today. The timing is crucial. Because once Lyft starts trading on Friday morning – this will be 100% closed.
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