My No.1 Trading Strategy for a Rising Stock Market

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Last week, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average hit record highs for the first time in 14
The market has quickly bounced back from the Brexit selloff. Investors have been aggressively buying the temporarily dip in stock prices, and that’s helped send stock prices higher.
Merrill Lynch reported that inflows into equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reached $6.4 billion last Monday. That was the highest single day of ETF inflows in 18 months.
With stocks setting new record highs again today, now is the perfect time to trade momentum stocks for big profits.
Today, I’m going to present one of my favorite approaches. It’s a trading strategy called a Tailwind Strategy.
Watch the video and you’ll discover how to identify stocks that have a tailwind.
This trading strategy will show you how to trade stocks that are rising in price and have a unique structure. Trading with the trend is ideal. This type of situation can create huge profits for short-term traders.
Once you understand the basics of the tailwind trading strategy, you’ll be able to identify the best stocks to trade. Plus, you’ll discover how to avoid costly losses by purchasing or trading the wrong stocks.
Right now, the market is making new highs and stock prices are trending higher. The market is finally showing some near-term direction, and that makes it an ideal time to trade momentum stocks.
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Good Trading,
Evan Lazarus
Chief Technical Analyst

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