Win 90% of Your Trades, Starting Tomorrow

Honestly, my office has been flooded with emails over the weekend . . .
Everyone’s asking about these “Overnight Trades.”
This week you could be making 24-hour profits in Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX).
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Here’s what you need to know before tomorrow:
“How can you possibly WIN 90% of your trades?”
It’s really rather simple.
Most traders focus exclusively on the “upside potential” . . . without properly considering the downside risk.
I’ll only make these Overnight Trades when the odds are stacked in my favor. Plus, my trades are OPENED and CLOSED within 24 hours. And that reduces my overall market exposure, insulating me from events like trade wars and interest rate hikes from the Fed.
“Do you trade little stocks for less than $5?”
Definitely not! In fact, I only make these trades on America’s best-known companies. I’m talking about companies like Disney (NYSE: DIS), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX).
Most folks are surprised to discover that you can make huge profits – literally overnight – with America’s biggest stocks.
“Do you trade every day? I have a job – and can’t sit at the computer all day long.”
That’s actually one of the best things about these Overnight Trades. Unlike day trading, you’ll only trade 1-out-of-5 days. That means 80% of the time, you’ll not make ANY trades.
How’s that possible?
Well, you’ll only make trades during specific times known as “trading windows.” When a trading window opens up, you’ll make a series of trades quickly. But then you’ll go several weeks without making a single trade.
It’s actually ideal – because you’ll only make trades when the market is setup to give you big profits.
“How much can I make with these trades?”
It really depends upon how much capital you have for trading. For example, let’s consider the latest trading window…
Let’s say you started on July 12 with $5,000. By Aug. 8, you’d be sitting on $15,768.30.
That’s a $10,678 profit in just three weeks!
Of course, if you’d started with $10,000, the profits would be twice as much.
“When does the next trading window open up?”
Here’s the best thing . . .
It starts TOMORROW. And for the next three to four weeks, you’ll see several trades every single week.
That’s actually why I’m putting together this LIVE training event for my Strike Price readers.
Now, this type of training webinar would normally cost at least $97. But because of this urgent situation, I’m literally giving this away.
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See you tomorrow!
Andy Crowder
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