My Top 10 Trades for 2018

Since 1991, Dogs of the Dow has become perhaps the single best-known investing strategy.
The strategy has beaten the Dow Jones industrials from 2000 to 2016.
My colleague – Andy Crowder – recently uncovered a simple way to earn three times to four times more income from the Dogs of the Dow.
With one simple trade, he’s been able to make 54.3% year-to-date trading this strategy.
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In his bestselling book “Beating the Dow,” money manager Michael O’Higgins proposed a revolutionary idea:
On the first trading day of every year, BUY the 10 highest-yielding stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
These 10 highest-yielding companies typically include underperforming stocks. Because the stock price may have fallen in the prior year, the dividend yield is higher than usual.
This success of the strategy suggests that last year’s losers may become this year’s winners.

Dogs of the Dow: Performance

So, how are the Dogs of the Dow performing?
From 2000 to 2016, the Dogs of the Dow have returned 8.6% annualized gains versus 6.9% for the S&P 500.
That may seem like a small difference. But that extra 1.7% actually translates into an outperformance of 25%.
One twist on this strategy is called the “Small Dogs of the Dow.” This simply suggests investing an equal amount in the five Dogs of the Dow stocks with the lowest share price.
This Small Dogs strategy has done even better, with 10.4% annualized gains since 2000.

Make 54.3% Trading These Dow Stocks

This year, Andy Crowder decided to test a brand-new strategy.
His goal was simple: to crush the market by combining this simple income trading strategy with the Dogs of the Dow.
Thus far, the results have been amazing.
Andy’s strategy is delivering 54.3% gains, with two weeks remaining in the year.
That compares with:

  • 6% for the Small Dogs of the Dow
  • 2% for the Dogs of the Dow
  • 1% for the Dow Jones industrials

How’s that possible?
Well, Andy uses a unique strategy to actively trade these very same Dogs of the Dow stocks.

Top 10 Trades

Every 45 days or so, he quickly enters a simple trade in less than five minutes.
Here’s the best part: these trades are low-cost and perfect for folks with small accounts.
Plus, this strategy can actually REDUCE portfolio risk by limiting the downside exposure.
This is Andy’s favorite income strategy for 2018. And I’ve convinced him to show you EVERYTHING next week.
This is super simple, with just 10 stocks to trade next year . . . my top 10 trades.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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