Goldman Sachs: Trade Wars Getting Worse

One of Wall Street’s biggest banks . . .trade wars
Just issued an important warning: President Trump’s trade wars could get much, much worse.
In fact, one critical element could see its price surge before July 14.
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Goldman Sachs just released a new report.
Analysts now say that there is a 40% chance that tariffs will be introduced on autos imported into the U.S.
Plus, there’s a 60% chance that the U.S. will introduce a new 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports.
These additional measures would build upon the 25% tariff that Trump has ordered on $200 billion of Chinese goods.
The bank noted that new trade deals shouldn’t be expected until late 2019 or 2020.
As a result, Goldman lowered the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) forecast by 0.5%. And it  now predicts just 2% GDP growth.
President Trump is launching a global trade war with some of America’s biggest trading partners.
While the trade wars dominate the headlines . . .
One major upcoming Trump decision could spark a new commodity super-cycle.
You see, one element is crucial to the national security of the U.S. (click here for urgent details).
It powers 25% of American homes. And it is critical in the operations of the U.S. Naval fleet.
Yet the United States is currently importing 97% of this one element. That means domestic production is only 3%!
It’s a national security issue.
That’s why the Interior Department added this to the Final List of Critical Minerals 2018.
Fortunately, the Commerce Department just completed a 15-months evaluation. And in April, it handed its recommendation to President Trump.
Now, the president is required to make a final decision by July 14.
It’s expected that Trump will institute a tariff on foreign imports of this element . . .
Or require that domestic production supplies 25% of the U.S. needs.
What does this mean for investors?
It means that the domestic price for this element could surge by up to 393%!
That would launch one of the biggest commodity super-cycles in history . . .
Sending shares of a handful of U.S. stocks to record highs.
The last time this happened – we saw quick profits of 1,233% . . . 4,130% . . . and even 13,976%.
President Trump could issue his decision any day.
When that happens, I’m expecting the share price of these stocks to surge.
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