The 100-Day Cannabis Boom Starts Now

Canada’s recreational sale of cannabis goes LIVE in less than 100 days.
That one major event will trigger a new phase of the bull market for these “pot stocks.”
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Because of this cannabis boom, it’s crucial that you get invested right now.
The biggest profits will happen 100 days BEFORE recreational sales commence.
Last year, the same thing happened. On January 1, 2018, California recreational sales went LIVE. So, let’s look at what happened to pot stock prices in the three months leading up to that date.

Cannabis Boom: 127% Profits in Just 100 Days

Here’s a chart of the Horizons Medical Marijuana ETF (TSE: HMMJ). It was the only exchange traded fund – or ETF – for the sector at the time.

That’s a huge move for an ETF that owns 37 stocks. Especially since it happened in just three months!
This shows us that it wasn’t an isolated incident involving just one or two stocks. Nearly EVERY stock in the index at least doubled in price.
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Legal Weed Market Expands 3X in 2018

There are huge similarities between California and Canada.
Surveys suggest people who live in California and Canada consume more cannabis than in other places.
California is the biggest U.S. state, with a population of 39.3 million people. That’s slightly larger than Canada, with a population of 36.3 million.
Let’s put this in context.
At the end of 2017, six U.S. states and the District of Columbia allowed the sale of cannabis for recreational use. The combined population in those states was 29.2 million people.
On Jan. 1, California DOUBLED the size of the market.
And on Oct. 17, Canada sales will go LIVE… effectively TRIPLING the market in just 9 ½ months!
Research from Deloitte suggests that Canada’s market could generate $8.7 billion annually.
Legal weed is the fastest growing sector of the economy. And now’s the time to jump onboard the cannabis boom.
The next 100 days could hand you triple-digit profits – if you own the right stocks.
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Ian Wyatt
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